Plum Park Press
Plum Park Press publishes classic works of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries in miniature formats, in limited editions. These are real books, designed to be readable, and hand-bound using traditional techniques. Where appropriate, the books use such techniques as color, maps, and fold-out diagrams - just like full-size books. All books are printed on acid-free premium paper. Each book is serial-numbered and signed by the binder. Details of the paper and binding vary by title, as do prices. Please note that shipping charges apply for destinations anywhere in the world.

We release a new title each month. When you receive a book, you also receive advance notice of the next forthcoming release, allowing you to reserve a copy in advance. You can also subscribe to automatically receive a copy of every new book when it is published.

The following books are available:

Arts and Crafts:
Books - Printing, Collecting, Libraries:
Science and Technology:​
Poetry and Drama:
​Travel and Exploration:
Miscellaneous Nonfiction: