Plum Park Press
P. G. Wodehouse was one of the most prolific humorous authors of the twentieth century. And although he is best remembered for his stories of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman's gentleman Jeeves, Wodehouse wrote many other stories. One of the lesser known of these is SIR AGRAVAINE - A TALE OF KING ARTHUR'S ROUND TABLE - a gentle spoof of King Arthur's round table to be sure. A hint is to be found right away when we learn that our hero (?) is referred to by the other knights as "Sir Agravaine the Dolorous".
In keeping with the theme of the story, the book is typeset in Morris Golden, and printed on animal-free parchment. The boards are also covered with printed parchment, and colorful endpapers show the knights of the round table in action.
SIR AGRAVAINE has overall dimensions of 70 x 75 x 10 mm (2-3/4 x  2-15/16 x 3/8 inches). The edition will be limited to 20 copies, priced at $45 each plus $5 for shipping and handling.