Plum Park Press
When LOOKING BACKWARD from 2000 to 1887 was originally published in 1888 it was something of a sensation, and rapidly sold over a million copies. People then as now were interested in what the future might hold. And it is interesting for us today to see how much the author got right. The book became extremely influential, inspiring new political and intellectual ideas, including more than one utopian community.

The book tells of a young American who falls into a coma in 1887, and only awakes in 2000. The friendly doctor who revives him, aided by his daughter, explains to our hero all the changes that have taken place while he slept. And in fact, many of them have come true...
The book consists of 320 pages, and has overall dimensions of 765 x 76 mm (3 x 3 inches). It is priced at $50 plus $7 for shipping and handling. To order this book, contact me.