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Grace Christie (1872-1953) is described by the Textile Research Centre as "an English writer and teacher on embroidery techniques... She is regarded as one of the most influential people in the early twentieth century with respect to the development of embroidery and embroidery studies in Britain and elsewhere."

In 1906 Christie published a definitive work Embroidery and Tapestry Weaving. PPP is pleased to offer a miniature edition of the section of this book on  EMBROIDERY. This book forms an excellent companion to two other PPP editions: Higgins' Handbook of Embroidery and Wheeler's The Development of Embroidery in America.

The PPP miniature edition of The Pinafore Picture Book includes the entire text and all the illustrations from the original edition.
The book is bound in pink cloth, with an illustration of a Royal Navy warship like the H.M.S. Pinafore on the front cover, inspired by the printed cover of the original 1908 edition.
Embroidery includes chapters on tools and materials, design, stitches, methods of work, the use of gold and silver threads, heraldry, and garniture, all with practical directions. The text is illustrated with 167 figures.

Embroidery consists of 280 pages, with overall dimensions of 54 x 75 mm (3 x 3 inches). It is bound in dark green Jacquard-weave fabric; a black label on the spine carries the title in silver. The edition consists of 20 copies, priced at $50 each, plus $7 for shipping and handling.