Plum Park Press
Here is another classic work in the PPP series that includes Bookbinding (Cockerell), Design for Printers (Gage), Typecases (Stewart), and Marbling (Halfer). This one is The Essentials of Illustration by T. C. Hill. The book is subtitled "a practical guide to the reproduction of drawings and photographs for the use of scientists and others". Its author was Reader in Vegetable Physiology at the University of London, and it was published in 1915.
The book is bound in marbled paper, with color-coordinated endpapers. A glossy green dust-jacket carries one of the illustrations from the book.

The Copper Beeches consists of 220 pages, with overall dimensions of 75 x 75 mm (almost 3 x 3 inches). It is priced at $45 each plus $7 shipping and handling.