Plum Park Press
P. G. Wodehouse was one of the most prolific humorous authors of the twentieth century. And although he is best remembered for his stories of Bertie Wooster and his gentleman's gentleman Jeeves, Wodehouse wrote many other stories. One of his earlier stories, from 1914, is "The Man Upstairs". While it is a classic boy-meets-girl story, it also has the unique kind of twist that we came to expect from the master.

A interesting literary detail: the story first appeared in a collection of stories (also title The Man Upstairs, since it was the first story in the book). This book was published in Britain, but not in the USA. However, the story did appear subsequently in other collections of Wodehouse's work. And now Plum Park Press published the story as a miniature book.
The Man Upstairs consists of 96 pages, and has overall dimensions of 65 x 52 mm (2-5/8 x 2-1/16 inches). It is bound in cloth printed with a cover picture from the first edition. The book is priced $40, plus $7 packing and shipping.