Plum Park Press
THE CHILDREN OF ODIN: THE BOOK OF NORTHERN MYTHS was written by Padraic Colum - poet, playwright, founder of the Irish Review, a leader of the Irish renaissance, and an outstanding author of books for children, for which he won the Regina Medal. Plum Park Press is pleased to offer The Children of Odin in four miniature volumes, corresponding to the four parts of the original book, and presented complete and unabridged, with the original illustrations by Willy Pogany. The books are typeset in Lindisfarne Nova, a typeface inspired by the manuscript used in the Lindisfarne gospels more than 1000 years ago, and are printed on animal-free parchment, and bound in faux leather. Each volume has a unique color scheme - brown, blue, green, or black -  and in each volume the color appears in the parchment, the illustrations, and the binding.
The four volumes are as follows:
The Dwellers in Asgard - 240 pages
Odin the Wanderer - 260 pages
The Witch's Heart - 180 pages
The Twilight of the Gods - 260 pages
Each volume as overall dimensions 73 x 60 mm (2-7/8 x 2-3/8 inches). The series will be limited to 20 copies. The complete four-volume set is priced at $200 plus $10 for worldwide shipping and handling.