Plum Park Press
PRINCESS BADOURA is a tale from the Arabian Nights retold by Laurence Housman and illustrated by Edmund Dulac. Laurance Housman was the brother of A. E. Housman, a well known poet whose work has been previously published by Plum Park Press. And Edmund Dulac's paintings probably need no introduction: he illustrated numerous books.

The book tells the story of the great love between the Prince Camaralzaman and the distant Princess Badoura, and of the many adventures and misfortunes that kept them apart in spite of their struggles to be united. Of course, since the story is from the epic Arabian Nights, we know that eventually they succeed...
The Plum Park Press edition preserves all nine of Edmund Dulac's beautiful paintings from the original 1913 edition of Hodder and Stoughton in the largest size possible in the miniature format.

The book consists of a total of 180 pages, with overall dimensions of 76 x 61 mm (3 x 2-3/8 inches). It is priced at $45 plus $7 for shipping.