Plum Park Press
Katherine Berry Judson was well known for her ethnological work on the myths and legends of the western United States. Raven is a collection of myths specifically about that amazing bird taken from her much larger work Myths and Legends of Alaska.
In Alaskan myths, Raven is credited with many amazing accomplishments, from creating the first woman and all the animals to teaching the Chilkat people how to weave their distinctive blankets. The book includes many photographs of the people, animals, places, and objects mentioned in the text - including a Chilkat blanket.
The book is bound in light gray buckram printed with a striking image of a raven. The book consists of 160 pages, and has overall dimensions are 76 x 67 mm (3 x 2-11/16 inches). The edition consists of 20 copies, priced at $45 each, plus $7 for shipping and handling.