Plum Park Press
In the century following the war of 1812 many books were published on the subject, ranging from simple to advanced academic works. The Plum Park Press edition of The World War of 1812-15 uses five chapters from Rossiter Johnson's A History of the War of 1812-15 between the United States and Great Britain. The original book was published in 1882, and the PPP edition of 2017 is edited and provided with an introduction by historian Patricia Caernarven-Smith; footnotes add citations to the works of other authors also to support the thesis that this war took place around the world, and illustrations from those works are also included.
The World War of 1812-15 consists of 200 pages, and has overall dimensions of 75 x 58 x 13 mm (3 x 2-5/16 x 1/2 inches). The edition will be limited to 20 copies, priced $45 each plus $5 for shipping and handling.