Plum Park Press
The Speckled Band is another of Arthur Conan Doyle's mysteries featuring Sherlock Holmes. This book is a companion volume to the Plum Park Press editions of The Blue CarbuncleThe Five Orange PipsA Scandal in BohemiaThe Red-headed League and The Copper Beeches. All six stories originally appeared in The Strand Magazine, with illustrations by Sidney Paget. The PPP editions all include the original illustrations; they are in a uniform format, with individual distinguishing color schemes.
The book is bound in khaki bookcloth, with color-coordinated endpapers. A glossy dust-jacket carries a photograph of a "speckled band".

The Speckled Band consists of 140 pages, with overall dimensions of 70 x 53 mm (2-3/4 x 2 inches). It is priced at $45 each plus $7 shipping and handling.