Plum Park Press
In 1897 Florence Mary Gardiner published The Evolution of Fashion. The book provides a historical survey of dress from 594 BC to the present day, AD1897, and then goes on to such specialized areas of dress as gloves, shoes, bridal wear, and so on. From our twenty-first century point of view, the book provides an interesting view from a Victorian perspective, perhaps especially of the fashions current in the author's own day.
The book is printed in black and green, and bound in bright green moiré cloth, with the author and title appearing in silver on the spine. There are 240 pages, with numerous illustrations.

The Evolution of Fashion has overall dimensions of 75 x 75 mm (3 x 3 inches). The edition is limited to 20 copies, priced at $50 each, plus $7 shipping and handling. To order this book, contact me.