Plum Park Press
And now for a classic bit of nonsense: Lewis Carroll's THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK, based on the original 1876 edition with paintings by Henry Holliday. Holliday also designed the front cover of the original book, reproduced as a cameo on the front cover of this miniature edition.

Many possible meanings have been suggested for the poem, although the author often claimed that he himself did not understand its meaning, although on one occasion he agreed that it referred to the search for happiness.

Although the early reviews were not all good, the poem proved to be very popular, and has remained so every since.
The book consists of 84 pages on heavy stock, bound in brown cloth with cameos on the front and spine. The brown of the cover is carried over to the interior design of the book also. The Hunting of the Snark has overall dimensions of 76 x 74 mm (3 x 2-15/16 inches). The price is $45 each, plus $7 for shipping and handling.