Plum Park Press
JAPANESE COLOUR-PRINTS AND THEIR DESIGNERS was published in 1913 by The Japan Society of New York, at a time when interest in Japan and its art was very high. The book was based on a presentation made to the Society by the author, Frederick Gookin, and was of particular interest because it contained 24 full-color reproductions of Japanese artworks. The Plum Park Press miniature edition preserves all these illustrations, and in fact uses a "large" format (3"/76 mm square) in order to present these illustrations as large as possible.
The book consists of an essay on the development of the ukiyoe woodblock print, plus brief biographies of all the important artists involved in the movement. The text is set in Bernhard Modern, a graceful font that complements the artwork. The book is bound in tan cloth, and wrapped in a glossy dust-jacket.
The book consists of 160 pages, and has overall dimensions of 75 x 75 x 13 mm (2-15/16 x 2-15/16 x 1/2 inches). The Plum Park Press miniature edition of Wells's JAPANESE COLOUR-PRINTS AND THEIR DESIGNERS consists of 20 copies. The price is $45 each, plus $5 for shipping and handling.