Plum Park Press
It appears that Mark Twain worked on The Mysterious Stranger for about ten years, and died leaving it unfinished - in fact, in several versions. After his death in 1910 his publisher (Harper) "cleaned up" on version, and commissioned N. C. Wyeth to paint several illustrations for it. This version of the complete story was published in 1916, and the Plum Park Press miniature edition uses this text and these illustrations from the first edition.

This book has always be controversial for a couple of reasons. One revolves around the several people who were apparently involved in "editing" Twain's various drafts into the version that Harper published, and the extent to which they changed the author's original texts.

The other reason the book is controversial is its conspicuous anti-religious stance - an attitude that Twain espoused.
The book includes all seven of Wyeth's paintings, one of which appears enlarged on the endpapers. The book is bound in brown buckram, with a gilt-lettered label on the spine.

The Mysterious Stranger consists of 260 pages, and has overall dimensions of 76 x 60 mm (3 x 2-3/8 inches). The edition is limited to 20 copies, priced at $45 plus $7 for postage and handling.