The Codex
The full title is The historical development of THE CODEX from the second century to the present day shown in seven miniature models. As the title suggests, this is a set of seven miniature books, each about 75 x 50 mm (3 x 2 inches), housed in an oak box, accompanied by a descriptive booklet. 

The books are made so as to expose the details of the bindings, and they are as follows:
Second century - early Coptic binding

Eight century - late Coptic binding

Tenth century - Carolingian binding

Fifteenth century - Gothic binding

Seventeenth century binding

Nineteenth century - case binding

Twentieth century - perfect binding
The complete set is priced at $500, plus shipping ($25 within the USA, $50 outside the USA). These sets are made to order, which may take several weeks; pay is not due until delivery. To order a set, and to get a delivery estimate, please contact me.