Plum Park Press
Sir George Holmes was at one time the secretary of the Institution of Naval Architects, so he was well placed to write his 1906 masterwork Ancient and Modern Ships. Plum Park Press is pleased to release an edition of Part I of this great work, WOODEN SAILING SHIPS. This volume covers the entire history of wooden vessels from ancient times to "modern" times (late nineteenth century).
The book consists of 220 large-format pages with the complete text and 74 detailed illustrations, some of them occupying a full spread. For readability, the text is set in 6-point Garamond in two columns. The covers and endpapers carry four of the ship illustrations, printed on heavy white linen-finish paper, and the blue of the sea in these illustrations is carried through in details throughout the book.
The Plum Park Press miniature edition of Holmes' WOODEN SAILING SHIPS consists of 20 copies, each 75 x 75 x 15 mm (3 x 3 x 5/8 inches). The price is $50, plus $5 for shipping and handling.