Each workshop runs from 9 am to 5 pm, usually on a Saturday. Class size is limited to four students, so you get plenty of personal attention. All necessary materials used during the workshop are included in the tuition price of $100 per workshop. Refreshments and lunch are also included. For scheduling details, please Contact me.
Basic miniature bookbinding:  This workshop teaches you four methods of binding books, in increasing order of complexity: perfect binding, pluperfect binding, saddle-stitching, and sewn-signature binding. It provides the printed sheets, endpapers, cover boards, and whatever other materials are needed for a separate reference book on each method, and you must bind each book in the workshop, using the specific technique described in the book: this gives you experience in all four methods, and leaves you with books that provide not only instruction, but also models of the type of binding.

Even if you don't plan to bind your own books, this workshop provides a good introduction to how books are structured, printed, and assembled - information that can be very useful to librarians, book collectors, and others whose work or hobby involves books.
At this time I am teaching only miniature bookbinding. A miniature book is defined by the Miniature Book Society as being no more than three inches in any dimension.