Plum Park Press
When Jerome K. Jerome's 1889 novel Three Men in a Boat appeared, the critics were less than enthused. Punch even described it as "vulgar" for its use of slang. Regardless of what the critics said, the public loved the book, and continues to do so to this day, not only in its native English, but in a couple of dozen other languages too. With this popularity in mind, Plum Park Press is pleased to offer a miniature version of this famous book, complete and unabridged, and including the illustrations by A. Frederics.
The book is bound in white bookcloth, printed in blue. A dust-jacket provides a map of the route taken upriver by our intrepid watermen, as well as the return trip by train.
The book consists of 300 pages, and has overall dimensions of 76 x 76 x 19 mm (3 x 3 x 3/4 inches). The edition will be limited to 20 copies, price $45 each plus $5 shipping and handling.