Plum Park Press
A miniature edition of a rare work: The Ship that Sailed to Mars. Like The Wind in the Willows and Harry Potter, this book began life as a story told to a child by his father. But in this case the father was William Timlin, an architect and watercolorist. Timlin didn't just tell the story, he illustrated it with 48 watercolor paintings. The story, consisting of the paintings and corresponding pages of text, was published in 1921, with both the paintings and the author's manuscript reproduced individually and tipped in. Only 2000 copies were printed, and they soon sold out; the book was never reprinted. The book has been described as "an original and beautiful masterpiece", and is definitely a collectors' piece, selling for thousands of dollars.
The Plum Park Press edition recreates the look of the original book in miniature: each painting takes up a full page, with the text on the opposite page. The book is printed in a "large" format (76 x 66 mm, 3 x 2-5/8 inches) to make the paintings as large as possible. The book is printed on heavy, smooth paper to enhance the artwork, and is sewn with "simplified" binding using heavy blue linen thread, exposed on the spine, with two cloth-covered boards attached to light blue tapes woven into the sewing. Each cover board carries one of the paintings from the book.
The book consists of 108 pages, and the edition will be limited to 20 copies, priced at $50 each plus $5 for shipping and handling.