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PARALLEL UNIVERSES is an experimental artist's book based on Part III of Albert Einstein's book Relativity: The Special Theory and the General Theory, "Considerations on the Universe as a Whole". Since that time (1925), other scientists have posited that the universe is not the whole, but may be just one universe in a "multiverse", with each universe having entirely different physical parameters from all the others.

 Parallel Universes suggests seven versions of how this text might appear in different universes or dimensions. Each of these "universes" presents the text on 20 pages, each in a different font, in a different color ink, on different color/type of paper. For example, in Universe 2 the text appears in a typeface called Galaxy, printed with white ink on black paper:
In Universe 4, on the other hand, the text appears in a typeface called Data 70, printed with blue ink on gray paper:
The 10 copies in the edition each feature one of the seven colors from the book in the colored stripes on the cover, which carry on from the similarly colored exposed tapes and sewing on the spine.  The price is $125 each, plus $5 for shipping and handling.
The book has overall dimensions of 76 x 57 mm (3 x 2-1/4 inches), but the thickness varies because each copy is unique: its front cover bears the title on two colored bands, forming three panels that carry examples of three different technologies intended to reflect ancient, medieval, and modern mechanisms.