Plum Park Press
The HANDBOOK OF EMBROIDERY was published in 1880. It was written by one L. Higgin, edited by Lady Marion Alford, and published with the authority of the Royal School of Art Needlework, which still exists as the Royal School of Needlework. The book promotes the ideas and ideals of the School - a royal charitable institution - in bringing back the art of needlework from previous centuries, and teaching women a useful art.
The Plum Park Press miniature edition consists of 120 pages of text and figures, plus 22 pages containing 22 plates, most of them in full color, illustrating various embroidery designs.

In keeping with its subject matter, the book is bound in an embroidered cover.
The original Plum Park Press miniature edition of Higgin's HANDBOOK OF EMBROIDERY is now SOLD OUT.