Plum Park Press

Due to popular demand, a third edition of Davenport's ENGLISH EMBROIDERED BOOKBINDINGS is now available, still priced at $55 plus $5 shipping and handling.
Cyril Davenport's ENGLISH EMBROIDERED BOOKBINDINGS is a thorough survey of books published in England with bindings consisting of embroidery on canvas, velvet, and satin. The books described were created between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries, some of them by royalty - the name Princess Elizabeth (the future Queen Elizabeth I) appears several times, along with illustrations of her work.

The text is enhanced with 52 photographs of embroidered bindings, six of them in full color. Additional figures illustrate tools and techniques used.
Appropriately, the Plum Park Press edition of ENGLISH EMBROIDERED BOOKBINDINGS is bound in embroidered cloth. A spine label carries gilt lettering.
ENGLISH EMBROIDERED BOOKBINDINGS consists of 280 pages, with overall dimensions of 76 x 62 x 24 mm (3 x 2-1/2 x 15/16 inches), although overall it comes out a bit thicker because some of the embroidery adds another 3 mm (1/8 inch) to the front cover.