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If so, consider joining your fellow enthusiasts in THE MINIATURE BOOK SOCIETY. See their website at
Tony Firman Bookbinding

I do not repair, bind, nor rebind books for other people. If you need help in this area, I suggest you contact either Leonard Bookbinding in Arlington or The Book Doctor in Dallas.

Some changes are appearing in this site, in part because of two new imprints. The imprints now available are:
  • Plum Park Press, the seven-year-old imprint that brings you classical works of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.​
  • The Wild Onion Press, a new imprint that brings you new, original works by Patricia Caernarven-Smith, historian and novelist.
  • TFBB Press (Tony Firman Bookbinding), an imprint that has been around for a while, but inconspicuous because the books were not on any website! It brings various books including juveniles and artist's books.

These separate imprints are now shown in the menu at the right.​