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Eight books have been added since this website was last updated, but issues with PayPal mean that they cannot be ordered that way. Instead, you just need to contact me by email to place an order. I will then send you the book(s) you want, along with an invoice; you can then pay be check or (oddly enough) by using PayPal. The new books are:
The Cornish Riviera (Heath and Haslehurst)
From Earth to Moon (Verne)
Typesetting (Stewart)
Sketches and Cartoons (Gibson)
Some English Gardens (Jekyll)
Sketches of Young Gentlemen (Dickens/"Boz")
The Evolution of Fashion (Gardiner)
Looking Backward (Bellamy)

The latest edition from Tony Firman Bookbinding is The Codex, a boxed set of seven volumes illustrating the development of the codex from the second century to the present day.

Tony Firman Bookbinding is also pleased to announce a new book for people who make (or would like to make) miniature books: Creating Miniature Books, subtitled "How to design and print miniature books on your home computer, and bind them using traditional hand binding techniques". This book is an expanded and updated version of the two earlier books Making Miniature Books and Designing Miniature Books.